My name is Berkeley T. Frog, Esq., but you can call me "Berks."  It's my privilege to welcome you to Charleston!

I'm a Barking Tree Frog and that makes me a very important frog.  Well, I think so, anyway.  I come from a long and very distinguished line of Barking Tree Frogs. My family was here long before the first Charlestonians set up shop, which was around 1680.  In fact, it was my hundredth great-grandfather, Oglethorpe Fielding Twyford Bromley Frog, whose distinctive croak welcomed those early settlers.  (Of course, THEY probably didn't recognize it as a welcome.  They were probably exhausted from their long sea voyage and too tired to recognize a native "hello" when they heard it for the first time. Or Twentieth.)

It will probably surprise you to know that we've met. Oh no, not in person. But you have heard me.  Did you hear a croaking sound that resembled a barking dog?  That was me!  I know you thought my voice was a bit "raucus' but I get over-eager sometimes when I'm expressing my love for Charleston. When that happens, I forget to use my "tadpole" voice.

You've also seen me around town. I'm located all over the place!  I have these wonderful round pads on the end of each toe which allows me to climb tree trunks, walls, and even windows.

I'm not a big frog, in spite of my voice.  I'm only 2-1/2" long but I'm stout.  Most of the time, my appearance is an ordinary medium green with dark spots but I can change my appearance. Depending on lighting, time of day, or temperature, I can go from medium brown to gold, brown, gray or even bright green.  I consider it my way of "dressing for the occasion." I mean, who wants to wear plain old gray when the event I"m telling you abou calls for "black tie"?  Oh no, only elegant dark green will do then, my friend.

Best of all, I'm considered a good luck charm! That's right!  It's believed that if I take up residence with you, I'll bring good luck to your entire household. Even better, we Barking Tree Frogs make great pets because we're easy to care for.

So welcome to Charleston, the town I love!  Let's get started exploring my city! ©