In order to ensure our customers do not inadvertently purchase unauthorized or counterfeit pins, please read the following information regarding "scrappers" and counterfeit pins:

What is a "scrapper"?

When pins are manufactured, any overruns of pins that do not meet quality control standards are set to be destroyed (or "scrapped").  On some occasions, these pins are not destroyed, but are instead sold on secondary markets.  Charleston Critters™ does not authorize scrappers to be sold and any such pins sold through any vendors other than Charleston Critters™ are to be considered stolen.

A counterfeit pin is an unauthorized pin created and sold as legitimate.  There are several ways to identify a counterfeit pin:

  • The colors are incorrect or cloudy

  • The artist's mark on the back is missing

  • The design of the character is different in some way from the authentic pin (e.g., the body shape may be different)

Once again, scrappers and counterfeit pins are illegal and often sold on such secondary markets as eBay.  Be suspicious of pins being sold in large quantities (25, 50, or even 100) or sold at overly low prices.

At the present time, Charleston Critters™ pins are sold ONLY through our website, our pushcart at festivals, or personally by Joan Britt and Annie Rivers.  If you are in doubt as to whether a seller offering Charleston Critters™ pins is authorized to do so, please contact us at (843) 810-3826 or email

If we discover that someone is selling pins illegally, we will post a notice on the website.

Thank you!