My name's Hurricane Hugo. Around here, though, I'm simply known as "Hugo."

I'm new to South Carolina.  I haven't been here as long as Berks or Hunley, but I'm quite well known in these parts.  I moved here in 1989 (or, as Charlestonians prefer to call it, "made landfall") and when I arrived I made sure I created an unforgettable impression.

You see, I started my life off the coast of Africa as just an ordinary tropical depression.  It was nothing to write home about, you know? I had big dreams and knew I wanted more out of life than being surrounded by other tropical storms who probably weren't going to amount to much.  It definitely wasn't my thing.  So I said goodbye to my buddies and struck out on my own, confident I'd grow up to be ferocious enough to be immortalized.

I headed west, getting more potent as I traveled.  I was awesome!! I became the biggest, baddest hurricane anyone had seen in a long, long time.  I was immense, mean and didn't care who was in my path.

I made landfall in downtown Charleston as a Category 4 Hurricane and was a one-storm wrecking crew.  I had wind speeds of 87 miles per hour and wind gusts up to 108 miles per hour. I was on a roll!

I wanted a massive amount of beachfront property all my own, so I chose the communities of Mount Pleasant, Sullivan's Island, Isle of Palms and Goose Creek as my targets.  The Ben Sawyer Bridge was in my way so I destroyed part of it in order to have a better ocean view.  I downed trees, "relocated" homes and inconvenienced a lot of people but I had the ocean view I wanted.

I'm very proud of my handiwork  Did you know that I was, and still am, the strongest, costliest and most damaging hurricane ever recorded in the history of South Carolina?  Those copycat hurricanes, like Andrew and Katrina, have imitated my style of "strike and destroy," but that's all they are -- copycats. I was there first and set the standard.

That's a nice perk. ©