Hello, my darlings!  I'm so glad you finally get to meet me.  My name is Oliva Sayana but you may call me "Olive."  Around these parts, I'm called a "Lettered Olive."

I'm quite the beauty when it comes to seashells, don't you think?  My wonderful shell is smooth and shiny, cylindrical in shape with a sharp V along the side, and I have this marvelous short spire at the top of the shell.  I'm not terribly big - I'm on the petite side, being only about 2" long.  But you know what they say - good things come in small packages, and I definitely fit the bill.

I certainly stand out from the crowd.  My coloring is splendid and even better, I come in various colors from cream to gray.   In addition, I have an "O" on my shell which simply cries out to be a beauty spot.  It's very tres chic, don't you agree?

My Lettered Olive friends and I are quite plentiful in these parts. We can be found from North Carolina to Florida, in Mexico, and we've even been spotted in Brazil.  I, however, choose to tarry in South Carolina so I can be admired by everyone who sees me and occupy a place of honor in their shell collection.  I am not being modest when I say I add class to everything, my darlings.

Like other Charleston Critters, I'm a long-time native of the area.  I won't reveal how long I've lived here. A girl has to have her secrets and my age is mine. I will admit that the Colonists used my shell for jewelry-making but that was not terribly long ago. 

Come down to the beach and I'll be waiting for you.  Ta ta my darlings!  See you soon! ©