Fuz-zy Wuz-zy wuz a bear...Fuz-zy Wuz-zy had no hair...Fuz-zy uhm...Fuz-zy...ohhh, I messed up!! I forgot the next words!!! Now I've gotta start over.  Fuz-zy Wuz-zy wuz a bear...

Oh, hello! What's your name?

My name is Pearl and I'm four years old.  Do you like my jump rope?  My Mommy gave it to me to play with.  I'm kinda good most times but sometimes I forget all the words to the rhymes. Then I mess up and I get mad.

You wanna know why my name is Pearl?  It's because my Mommy says I am a freshwater pearl and she says they are special and beautiful.

My Mommy says my aunts and cousins are pearls, too, but they're not freshwater pearls.  Mommy says some of my cousins are even Chinese and are in medicines.  I think that means they're doctors.  I dunno.  I have lots of cousins and they're nice.  We play together.  My cousin, Teardrop Pearl, well, she likes to pretend she's a Queen because she says Queens wear crowns with pearls in them.  But my Mommy says that when I grow up, I won't get to play with my cousins anymore.  They'll be in a ring or a trumpet or something while I'm supposed to be in a necklace or earrings.  Necklaces are nice.  I have a necklace with cats on it.  It's pretty and I like to be all pretty.

I'm a round pearl and Mommy says that makes me something called "rare and valu'ble."  She also says it makes me "popular."  I don't know what that word means but Mommy says it's important and I'm never to forget it.  I try not to but sometimes, when I'm playing with my cousins, I forget.

My Mommy tells everyone that I'm a "cultured pearl."  She said I was specially made to look round and white and shiny.  She says I'm the real deal, too.  Mommy says some pearls are fake and I shouldn't hang around them.  I don't know what a fake pearl looks like but Mommy knows and said she'd show me one day.  When she talks about them she gets this real scowly look on her face so I guess they're kinda bad.  Hve you seen any fake pearls?  Do they look bad?

I'm shiny, too.  Mommy says it's because I have lots and lots of really thin layers and that gives me a really pretty luster.  Luster's a fun word, isn't it?  I think it means I'm sparkly!! Because I sparkle, people can see my pretty bow.  I like this bow, it's my favorite.  Mommy even put shiny nail polish on my fingers!  See??

Well, I hear Mommy calling me. It's time to go to my Cotillion class.  I'm going to jump rope back to my house.  It was nice meeting you. Bye! ©