Well, howdy, howdy, howdy!  Pull up  a beach chair and let's get acquainted!!

Mah name's Shrimp.  It's really Decapod Crustacean but that's too big a mouthful for most people so they just call me "Shrimp."

Ah'm a pretty interestin' character.  No one really knows just how old mah family roots go but Ah'm  told we've been around for a long, long time.

Mah family's pretty important as a food group.  Seems the Ancient Romans ate shrimp way back in the day. Ah seem to recall bein' told that the early Native Americans figured out a way to make shrimp traps (but not cocktail sauce - that came later) and used us for a food source 'cause we're rich in somethin' called calcium, iodine, and protein.

Ah'm a nickname.  Y'all ever call someone "a shrimp?"  Y'all are talking 'bout me.

Ah'm even a dee-zine on stuff.  People make tee-shirts with mah picture on it and some people even get tattoos of me.

Some people keep us in aquariums but we're not too fond of that. My outlaw cousin, Black Bart Shrimp, calls it a "holdin' tank" and Ah confess, Ah prefer to be "free range" myself.  Ah love crawlin' along the ocean floor and enjoyin' the feel of the waves on mah antennas.

Ah may not be the purtiest little thing you've ever seen but that's okay.  Ah'm handsome in my own way.  Mah rostrum, or beak, can be used for attack or defense.  The best part is , it stabilizes me when Ah swim backward (bet you can't do that and stay upright!).  Mah eyes are compound eyes, like a fly's and Ah can see what's going on around me.  Mah antennas serve as sensors which tell me which end is up and whether some good food is comin' mah way (and whether Ah can eat it or it'll eat me!)

Ah'm not the same as a crawdad.  Some people think we're the same but we're not.  We do kinda look alike but trust me, we're not the same critter.

Best of all, Ah like to be with my buddy, Grits. We make up the best food in the South.  You've heard of us: Shrimp and Grits.  Mmmmm.  We're a staple food in the South.  We can be gussied up with cheese and herbs and stuff or served plain.  Either way, we're comfort food at its finest. ©