Hello from Charleston, South Carolina and welcome to the Charleston Critters™ website!

So, what is a Charleston Critter?  Nope, we're not a pest control company.  Regardless if you are a first-time visitor, returning guest, or Charlestonian, you've met or heard about these “critters”.

Ever heard the loud “tea-ket-tle, tea-ket-tle” song of the Carolina Wren? Then you’ve met Wrenny – the South Carolina state bird.

Or been bitten by the No-See-Um? Yep, that’s Punky.

Or heard the Barking Tree Frog keeping you awake at night with his raucus voice? Say hello to Berks!

These and other Critters are waiting to meet you and share their Critters “fun facts” about South Carolina and Charleston.  Best of all, these critters are on keepsake lapel pins, which you can give as gifts, start your own lapel pin collection, or just wear for fun. Each pin comes attached to a laminated mini-card and includes a biography signed by Annie.

To view and order your favorite pin, just click on Home, then Current Products. Many more pin designs will be introduced in the coming months so keep visiting the website for updates!

Joanie and Annie