Aren't I just the prettiest wren you've ever seen?  What do you mean, you don't know??!! Of course I am!  I'm a Carolina Wren and I'm MUCH  more distinctive than my other wren cousins.  They're drab, you know?  They are content to deck themselves out in boring old blacks and browns and grays and whites.  It's like they don't want to be seen.

Not me, no sirree!  I am vivid and proud of it.  While my back and wings ARE brown, my chest and belly are the most glorious shade of orange. I also have a bold white eyebrow and a white chin which those other wrens don't have.  They're jealous.  I'm so proud of my coloration and I know it makes me very unique. It's what sets me apart from all my other wren cousins and makes me easily recognizable.

I'm also quite a bit bigger than other wrens.  Full-grown, I'm almost five inches long with an 11" wingspan.  I don't fly much, though.  I'm more of a "flitterer."  I rapidly flit from place to place so watch carefully.  Now you see me - - now you don't!

Other distinctive features which set me apart from my cousins are my feet and my beak, as well as my song.  I have an elongated hind toe.  I use my beak to turn over decaying vegetation to get to the yummy insects I love to eat.

I also will eat suet and berries if you set them in a bird feeder for me.  Thank you can enjoy watching me all year 'round!

My song-- oh, I sing a beautiful song.  It sounds like either a "chirrrrup!" or, better yet, "tea-ket-tle, tea-ket-tle, tea-ket-tle!"  I don't sing loudly; only the males do that. I do sing constantly, though, and the sound of my voice is very pleasant (so I'm told).

Keep checking back to this website for more information and updates on me.  I have lots more to tell you and I look forward to sharing information with you! ©